Fun, easy to work with, not pretentious . . . I am just a regular guy with a passion for creativity and design. The path that led to my pursuit of an interior design degree was a long, winding, unconventional one full of invaluable lessons learned and experiences gained. From a small farm town with a population of 630 to the United States Air Force, from racing stock cars to building hot rods, and from framing custom homes to managing a multi-million dollar sales territory, it’s safe to say I came into this field with an unusual background.

This unique road, the drive and determination to become a professional interior designer, and a lifelong entrepreneurial spirit led me to establish Matthew Keller Design with the goal to break the mold of what a designer is often thought to be. Now in the third year of running MKD, I’ve had the good fortune to work on over 20 diverse projects. From a 7000 sq/ft new construction home to a small bathroom update, contemporary urban lofts to traditional country and suburban homes, commercial spaces including medical and varied industry offices to residential common areas, the portfolio is quickly becoming as diverse as the road that got me here.

About Matthew Keller
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